hrizontal brown.jpg

Fahi, oil on linen, 24x48, 2017

topographic maps

Simplon, oil on linen, 28x38, 2017

Skowhegan, oil on linen, 24x24, 2017

Red River, oil on linen, 24x24, 2017

On a formal level the paintings below investigate color interaction and the illusory space color inhabits. The idea to create the paintings emerged from my interest in the use of color in Paul Cezanne’s work and in his application of parallel diagonal strokes which tended to reinforce the flatness of the  picture plain.
I have also been influenced by the color research of Josef Albers.


Sightline, oil on linen, 36x36, 2016

Chateaux Noir, oil on linen, 36x36, 2016

Large Bathers, oil on canvas, 32x16, 2013

Event Horizon, oil on canvas, 32x32, 2014